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  • 5:07pm
    I finally got my ipad cases down the way I want them. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Anyway not only do I have my design down the way i want it but also how to produce them in an efficient manner. And they are "smart cases" meaning it will activate sleep/wake mode when opening and closing case. Now I need an e-commerce website. When we talked at lowe's you were not sure if you had the time and possibly your brother could do it? Either way is fine with me. I would like to get together with you guys this weekend or early next week and go over the particulars, it shouldn't take much time. I think this could be a profitable venture for all involved. Take a look at portenzo.com   dodocases.com   and padandquill.com. Already doing what I want to do, but my product is a little different and better material. Anyway look forward to hearing from you on this matter. If your not interested let me know either way because i could still use your advice on getting this done. 
    Thanks, Carl

  • 4:52pm

    They are no longer functioning.

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